Single Side Stacks
When we refer to single side stacks we are talking about a stack that collects all exhaust off from one side of the engine and out of the engine through the shortest exit route and does not use a collector.

This style of exhaust is the most economical of the styles of exhaust. The stacks are louder then the collector style system and do not have the HP increase that the collector system has. This system does create more HP than a single muffler style system. If a low Db is required than this type of system can have a muffler added to it in order to reduce Db’s. Some cowlings are very tight and don’t allow two single mufflers to be installed, at that time we would have to look at a different system that has a lower Db and is compact enough to fit into the tight cowled configuration.

With single side stacks we start the same as all the other styles of systems, a mock up kit. With this style you would only need mock up risers for the PVC size that is dictated by the engine manufacturer and a set of kit instructions.

The length of the primary or tailpipe is not of any concern. The length does not translate into HP neither short nor long because this system does not have equal length headers into a common collector.

The system is made from stainless steel mandrel bent tubing which has much higher temperature operating range than mild steel; it also has a longer life in terms of cycles of heating and cooling.

Stainless steel is the same material as most certified aircraft manufacturers choose to use for the same reasons listed above. The price of these systems are not a set price as they depend on make and model of engine, amount of bends used, 4 or 6 cylinders, complexity of the stack, how far back it goes before exiting, and amount of support it will need.

Once you place an order for a PVC mock up kit and the PVC sample is returned to us, we then can give you a quote on the cost of the project.

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