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DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Blow Proof Gaskets - Lyc O-235, O-290, O-320, O-360 77611 $5.70
.75 Threaded Screw 10RX 3/4"04-00179$0.25
.625 Threaded Screw 10RX 5/8"04-00008$0.16
Worm Gear Clamps 2 1/6"-3" 325-7075 $1.88
Worm gear clamp 3 1/6"-4" 5415K41 $2.00
Tinnerman Nut #10 U-Type JV A1787-10Z1D $0.60
Castle Hex Nut 10-32 AN310-3 $0.65
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN312 $0.60
Plain Hex Nut 1/4-28 AN315-4R$0.24
Flex Locknut 1/4-28 AN363-428 $0.60
Hex Airframe BoltAN37A $0.60
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C4A $0.60
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 KP AN3C5A $0.70
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C6A $0.80
Hex Airframe Nut 10-32AN3C11A $0.88
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C12A $0.95
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 FC AN3C13A$1.30
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32AN3C14A$1.30
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 KP AN3C15A$1.40
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C16A$1.80
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C20A$1.60
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28 AN4-5A $0.28
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28 AN4- 6A$0.37
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28 AN4-7A$0.32
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28 AN4C5A$1.16
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28KP AN4C6A$1.20
Hex Airframe Bolt 1/4 -28 AN4C7A$1.20
Truss Screw SS 10-32AN5-26C-1032-R10 $0.07
Truss Screw SS 10-32AN5-26C-1032-R12 $0.16
Truss Screw SS 10-32 AN5-26C-1032-R14$0.24
Flat Washer #10 SS KP AN960C10 $0.10
Flat Washer 5/16 SSAN960C516 $0.16
Brass Nuts 1/4" (Cont.) 36A6203-5$2.50
Brass Nuts 5/16" (Cont.)NAF213790-4 $1.80
Deflector RingsDef Rings C-172 Cont.$1.50
Cone Cap - 321ss Cone Cap $0.68
Dog Bones - 2.75"Adjustable$1.44
Dog Bones - 3.10"Adjustable $2.25
Heavy Duty Slip Joint LinkDB-Link$1.50
Nuts MN-14ss Nut$30.00
Flex Locknut 10-32 SS MS21046C-3 $1.36
Flex Locknut 1/4-28 SSMS21046C-4$1.50
Terminal Stud 1/4"-28MS21259-4R$9.00
Cotter Pin SS 1/16 YR MS24665-151$0.08
Internal Lock Washer 5/16 SS MS35333-75$0.22
Internal Lock Washer MS35333-41 $0.08
Nut 5/16-18 SS MS35690-510$3.50
Long Springs Long Springs$0.36
Short - High Tension SpringsShort Springs$0.60

What our customers
are saying about us

Outstanding service thanks to Gene and crew! Drove from St. Pete for a part and they had me ready to go in under 2 hours might have been a day and a half, thanks so much for helping keep our Sea Planes in service! Highly recommend company for quality and service!
Aaron Diedrichs
Chief Pilot
Terrific service and exhaust repairs on a PA-28-140, Cessna 172P, and J-3. Quick turnaround, too. Thanks Wayne, Stephanie, and Gene! Please thank your gifted team of artisans who truly know their craft.
Lilly Dennis
One of the most reliable Aircraft Exhaust Fabricators around. It’s always great customer service and great products that I receive from them. They are my one stop shop for my needs that other places always fall short on. Would highly recommend to everyone around.
Wayne at Plane Exhaust Corp is the best. I called Thursday needing an exhaust tube made. Dropped off the original in the morning and had a new part made by the afternoon. Thank you Wayne for the excellent service and willingness to help me out when everyone was too busy. 10 stars. Will return In the future.
I recently used Plane Exhaust’s services for the first time on recommendation of my mechanic. One day before a students checkride, we discovered a crack in the exhaust. It was Saturday, but the owner arranged for someone to meet us at the shop after hours and the repair was completed in time for the checkride. Very happy with the sense of urgency, quality of repair, and we were not even charged additional for AOG. Highly recommend!
Marcus Summa
Have been doing business with Wayne from Planexhaust for more than 5 years. Always on time and good price. Recommended
Marcelo Fabiano
Chief Pilot

we combine our experience with unparalleled service to find solutions for your exhaust needs.

from the most complex exhaust systems to the simplest exhaust repairsthe professionals at aircraft exhaust corp. look forward to working together with you on your next aircraft exhaust project!

*aircraft exhaust corp. does not keep fixtures for custom exhaust systems. all of our custom exhaust systems are fabricated to the customer’s specific need by a pvc kit or a sample provided by the customer.

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