DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Blow Proof Gaskets - Lyc O-235, O-290, O-320, O-360 77611 $5.70
.75 Threaded Screw 10RX 3/4"04-00179$0.25
.625 Threaded Screw 10RX 5/8"04-00008$0.16
Worm Gear Clamps 2 1/6"-3" 325-7075 $1.88
Worm gear clamp 3 1/6"-4" 5415K41 $2.00
Tinnerman Nut #10 U-Type JV A1787-10Z1D $0.60
Castle Hex Nut 10-32 AN310-3 $0.65
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN312 $0.60
Plain Hex Nut 1/4-28 AN315-4R $0.24
Flex Locknut 1/4-28 AN363-428 $0.60
Hex Airframe BoltAN37A $0.60
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C4A $0.60
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 KP AN3C5A $0.70
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C6A $0.80
Hex Airframe Nut 10-32AN3C11A $0.88
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C12A $0.95
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 FC AN3C13A$1.30
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32AN3C14A$1.30
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 KP AN3C15A$1.40
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C16A$1.80
Flex Airframe Bolt 10-32 AN3C20A$1.60
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28 AN4-5A $0.28
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28 AN4- 6A$0.37
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28 AN4-7A$0.32
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28 AN4C5A$1.16
Flex Airframe Bolt 1/4-28KP AN4C6A$1.20
Hex Airframe Bolt 1/4 -28 AN4C7A $1.20
Truss Screw SS 10-32AN5-26C-1032-R10 $0.07
Truss Screw SS 10-32AN5-26C-1032-R12 $0.16
Truss Screw SS 10-32 AN5-26C-1032-R14$0.24
Flat Washer #10 SS KP AN960C10 $0.10
Flat Washer 5/16 SSAN960C516 $0.16
Brass Nuts 1/4" (Cont.) 36A6203-5$2.50
Brass Nuts 5/16" (Cont.) NAF213790-4 $1.80
Deflector Rings Def Rings C-172 Cont.$1.50
Cone Cap - 321ss Cone Cap $0.68
Dog Bones - 2.75"Adjustable$1.44
Dog Bones - 3.10"Adjustable $2.25
Heavy Duty Slip Joint LinkDB-Link$1.50
Nuts MN-14ss Nut$30.00
Flex Locknut 10-32 SS MS21046C-3 $1.36
Flex Locknut 1/4-28 SS MS21046C-4 $1.50
Terminal Stud 1/4"-28MS21259-4R$9.00
Cotter Pin SS 1/16 YR MS24665-151$0.08
Internal Lock Washer 5/16 SS MS35333-75$0.22
Internal Lock Washer MS35333-41 $0.08
Nut 5/16-18 SS MS35690-510$0.40
Long Springs Long Springs$0.36
Short - High Tension Springs Short Springs$0.60

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