Aircraft Exhaust Corp. Undergoes Major Expansion.
Aircraft Exhaust cORP. specializes in LSA, Experimental, and Homebuilt aircraft. We are located in Tamarac, Florida.

Over the last year AE has put extensive work into R&D and allocated significant amounts of capitol to expanding our product line. From our new Rotax T2 pusher and the T2XQ with a full length muffler and tailpipe for maximum DB reduction; to the standard PVC kits that is as simple as following the step by step instructions with pictures. With a properly assembled PVC system using equal length primaries and a collector you can see an average of 12-15 HP on an O-360 when replacing a standard muffler system with a correctly done kit.

Kits are available for Lycoming, Continental and Rotax 912 engines; 4 into 1’s, dual 3 into 1 or single stacks.

AE is the leader in manufacturing for the LSA and Experimental Aircraft companies.

We manufacture for over a dozen companies from the “O-200” engine for American Legend Aircraft Company (LSA) to the “M-14P” Radial engine for the Moose from Murphy Aircraft Company (experimental).

We also have a full machine shop with a metal spinning lathe for short run special projects.

We manufacture our own parts and stampings.

We have hydraulic and mechanical presses from 15-200 tons.
In order to accommodate the significant growth and product expansion AE moved into a new location which more then doubled the space of the previous location.

Our core values have never changed; Safety and high quality at affordable prices.

We use stainless steel in the exhaust systems and repairs. We still do all types of repairs of your old system, stacks, mufflers, shrouds, and we now carry a full line of exhaust hardware! Aircraft Exhaust has expanded in bends and tubing inventory so if you are looking for bends, tubing, or any other exhaust parts we most likely have it in stock and ready to ship the same day.

The staff at Aircraft Exhaust Corp. looks forward to working with you on all of your aircraft exhaust needs.

We combine our experience with unparalleled service to find solutions for your exhaust needs.

From the most complex exhaust systems to the simplest exhaust repairs, the professionals at Aircraft Exhaust Corp. look forward to working together with you on your next aircraft exhaust project!