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· Up to 16+ HP increase in some applications from a standard muffler system.

These kits allow you to design and build your own system when there is not any other available to fit your airframe & engine combo or just to get the most HP possible out of your engine.

An article authored by Bret Davenport and published by Kitplanes- Bret shares his experience building a custom exhaust system.

CUSTOM PVC mock up kits

Kit comes with 1 or 2 collectors and 4 or 6 stub risers, depending on engine size and style. Components are sized to fit 1 1/2” schedule 40 PVC, which is same OD (1 3/4”) as finished primary tubes used. (Some Continental and Rotax may use different size PVC which will be specified in kit instructions) All PVC pipe and bends needed are standard stock at any hardware store. Kit comes with full instructions and details about equal length of tubing to collector theory and tips to obtaining the most horsepower depending on your engine style. When you send your completed mockup to us we build a fixture around it and build an identical system using polished stainless steel. Kits come complete with hardware, clamps, cabin or carb heat shrouds.

After the order feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions while building the mock up. When the system arrives customers will be in direct contact with a fabricator to ensure correct placement and size of components such as; ball joints, heat shrouds, parts and to answer any questions before any work is done.

Kits available for 4 and 6 cylinders:

*Rotax *Continental *Lycoming

4 into 1……………………P/N 08-00673……………….$3500.00
Dual 3 into 1…………….P/N 08-06158……………….$2950.00
6 into 1……………………P/N 08-06000……………….$4500.00

Add the following for PVC mock up kits. 

4 into 1: $250.00
dual 3 into 1: $250.00
Single Side Stacks: $100.00
6 into 1: $300.00


PVC mock up kits | 4 into 1 | 3 into 1 | Single side stacks | Crossovers | Customer supplied samples

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