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Dual 3 Into 1 Aircraft Exhaust
Aircraft Exhaust Corp. is one of the only companies that builds a custom built PVC mock up of the customers design. (See custom exhaust for all the details)

Our collector systems are based on equal length primary tubes (headers). This will get the builder as close to a tuned exhaust as possible without the use of a dyno.

On a O-540 Lycoming engine with a single muffler type system, a properly done mock up will produce approximately 14-16 more HP.

In many ways the choice of the collector style exhaust is getting free HP! The system is simply making a smooth pulse of exhaust that goes into the collector, one directly after another, in effect pulling out the pulse behind it. The theory is very simple, and very effective if done correctly.

Lycoming engines experience a greater HP output than other manufacturers.

4 into 1’s (4 cyl) and dual 3 into 1’s (6 cyl) don’t require a muffler system, this is due to the long length of primaries from the exhaust flange to the start of the collector (typical 26” -36”) this long run of primaries along with the collector and tailpipe provide a muffling effect on the exhaust pulses. Overseas customers might require additional Db reduction which can be provided by adding an additional muffler just past the collector. The HP increase due to the collector style exhaust will be reduced slightly with a muffler but Db reduction will be what is needed for overseas noise reduction. With a collector style system the cabin heat is pulled off a straight primary section over the primary section which provides high temperatures for good cabin heat. Since the primary is made from stainless steel the high temps will not hurt the tubing under the muff. In aircraft that are known to operate in cold conditions we can also add heat pins to help pull heat from the primary to get even more heat for cold climates.

The collector type system is a little more expensive than a crossover, single side stack or a single muffler system but the great HP gain is well worth the extra money and time up front.

The system is made of stainless steel tubing (same as all other certified exhaust). With stainless steel, a system can endure higher temperatures, and many more cycles of heating and cooling than mild steel.

We add ball joints on 2 of the 4 cylinders and 2 of the 6 cylinder. This allows a couple of the cylinders to “free float” and not cause stress on other primaries or on the collector. Most of the time the collector has the tailpipe attached and is the end of the system. In most cases the collector is out on an “arm” which if not supported properly could lead to premature failure. All kits come with a clamp with a mount so the end of the system can be properly supported. The collector style exhaust has a preset price, regardless of the application and includes all heat shrouds, tailpipe support clamps and brackets, collector mounting hardware and links.

AE builds the cabin and carb heat shrouds from stainless steel to assure that their will be no failures due to the extreme heat from the primary in which it is wrapped around. 

Carb heat muff can also be supplied on carburetor engines, this is not included in the standard price. It also mounts on a primary tube but only requires 4-6” of straight. The carb heat has a series of holes which draw air from the engine area into the muff as it is pulled past the primary it is heated and is sucked into the carb creating carb heat of 95+ degrees over ambient – (FAA requirement for temp rise for carb heat on certified aircraft). Both the cabin and carb heat shrouds are 3” OD with a port in and a port out. Typical scat size for good air flow is 2”.

The collector is held on to the primaries with a heavy duty link that crosses over the slip joints and bolts into the welded brackets that are on the two primaries and two slips on the collector. This is done for many reasons, the installation requires this type of system and it is also done for inspections and shipping breakdown.

Contact our sales department to get more details about your application or to place your order today.

*Aircraft Exhaust Corp. does not keep fixtures for custom exhaust systems. All of our custom exhaust systems are fabricated to the customer’s specific need by a PVC kit or a sample provided by the customer.


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