Crossover Exhaust

Crossover with tailpipes and heat muffs

Aircraft Exhaust Corp. has standard crossover systems that fit many different applications of aircraft with Lycoming 4 cylinder engines. Lycoming engines are the only manufacturer that sees a gain from the savaging effect of a crossover. The crossover is a good system for the money. It is more expensive than single side stacks but it is quieter and has more area for cabin heat. The HP output is more than a single muffler or a single stack style with muffler.


Crossover with mufflers and heat muffs

The crossover is a different system that fits the tightest cowls. They are quieter than the single side stacks due to the length of tubing between each cylinder and out to a long detachable tailpipe or muffler. The tailpipe is attached using a ball joint on the crossover and a bell joint on the tailpipe with back up rings, bolts, springs and nuts same with the muffler system. The tailpipes and mufflers come with a tailpipe support clamp so a support can come from the engine or airframe to the tailpipe support clamp with a customer supplied cable rubber hangers or other means.

If a further reduction of Db’s is wanted or more cabin heat is desired than is available from the 2” tailpipe; this system is designed to be able to add XM or GP mufflers when ever needed.

With the addition of mufflers the heat is drawn directly from them and is an excellent set up for great cabin heat, lower Db, and a good exhaust system. Call our sales team to get more information about your application or to place your order.

The standard crossover system that we supply off the shelf is for the 4 cyl Lycoming and crosses over just forward of the air intake or carburetor. If you have a forward facing induction system or offer modifications that do not allow this type of crossover then a PVC kit must be purchased. You can build up out of PVC a working crossover that fits your engine and aircraft. The PVC unit does not have the same price as our standard crossover. The standard crossover has a lower cost due to the pre bent tubes and the ease of fabrication time. Crossovers made from PVC are priced according to make and model of engine, amount of bends required, complexity and what is needed for support and heat muffs.

Standard Crossover Lycoming 320/360 Systems with mufflers

Package includes: Exhaust, Cylinder #1,2,3,4

Mufflers, Shroud, Tailpipe & Installation Kit

TOTAL= $2250



For the whole system with you supplying the final mounting from the clamp is: $985.00

The base system is $625.00
The detachable tailpipes are $75.00 each x 2 = $150.00
8” shroud with 2” ports – $95.00 each = $95.00
Carb heat shroud-$75.00 each = $75.00
Support clamp for tailpipe = $20.00 each x 2 = $40.00

Crossover System without mufflers

Package includes: Exhaust, Cylinder #1,2,3,4
Shroud, Tailpipe & Installation Kit

TOTAL= $1950

For the whole system: $1463.00
Muffler Pin clamp for tailpipe to muffler w/ support block- $35.00 each x 2 = $70.00 All hardware (nuts, bolts, etc) – ……………$15.00 Blow proof gaskets – $5.85 each x 4 = ….$23.40


PVC mock up kits | 4 into 1 | 3 into 1 | Single side stacks | Crossovers | Customer supplied samples

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