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OEM for LSA and Experimentals

American Legend Aircraft Company
American Legend Aircraft Company 0-200

Aircraft Exhaust Inc. is the original exhaust manufacturer for over a dozen LSA & Experimental aircraft companies.

From the American Legend Aircraft company with a Continental O-200 engine (LSA), to the Murphy Moose aircraft with an M-14P radial engine (experimental).

Lancair 0-550 performance engine
Lancair 0-550 performance exhaust




Within the last 15 years we have owned and operated five different repair and manufacturing companies specializing in certified aircraft exhaust for piston powered aircraft. We have now moved into the LSA & Experimental aircraft.

We have been the leader in new innovations from; ball joints that allow expansion and contraction from hot to cold cycles in a 360 degree area, the dual 3 into 1 and 4 into 1 collector system with equal length headers to get maximum HP out of your engine, our Rotax 912 series exhaust that uses backup rings with captivated springs to eliminate the big springs on Rotax that break and are lost in flight. The Rotax .060” wall mandrel, bend directly out of the cylinders and up or down  for maximum clearance from the propeller to exhaust keeping the cowling very tight to the engine, and our 4 into 1, 1 ¼ “Rotax mandrel bend collector helps get maximum power from the 912 Rotax engines. We have built tooling to form our own sockets to the engines and flanges that hold the exhaust in place.

AMD 601 aircraft exhaust
AMD 601 Exhaust 0-200

We use 321 stainless steel when ever possible. 321ss is capable of operating at a higher temperature than 304 ss, and has a much longer life in cycles of hot and cold.



How it Works

Groen Brothers Exhaust
Groen Brothers Exhaust

After a manufacturer has determined that we are the best solution to their exhaust needs we then find out their exact requirements – airframe, engine, performance, Db requirement, other. Then we send out a PVC mock up kit with mock up flanges that are sized for the proper PVC determined by engine manufacture and with either a mock up collector, muffler type or single side stacks.

Exhaust production run
Production Run

4 into 1’s (4 cyl) and dual 3 into 1’s (6 cyl) don’t require a muffler in the system, this is due to the long length of primaries from the exhaust flange to the start of the collector (typical 28” -36”) this long run of primaries along with the collector and tailpipe provide a muffling effect on the exhaust pulses. Some overseas customers will require additional Db reduction which can be provided by adding an additional muffler just past the collector. The HP increase due to the collector style exhaust will be reduced slightly with a muffler but Db reduction will be what is needed for overseas operators. With a collector style system the cabin heat is pulled off a straight primary section which provides high temperatures for good cabin heat. Since the primary is made from 321ss the high temps will not hurt the tubing under the muff. In aircraft that are known to operate in cold conditions we can also add heat pins to help pull heat from the primary to get even more heat for cold climates.

Radial Exhaust
Murphy Moose M-14P Radial exhaust

AEI builds the cabin and carb heat shrouds from stainless steel to assure that their will be no failures due to the extreme heat from the primary in which it is wrapped around.

A Carb heat muff can also be ordered for carburetor engines, it also mounts on a primary tube but only requires 5"-6" of straight. The carb heat has a series of holes which draw air from the engine compartment into the muff, as it is pulled past the primary it is heated and is sucked into the carb creating carb heat of 95+ degrees over ambient -(FAA requirement for temp rise for carb heat on certified aircraft). Both the cabin and carb heat shrouds are typically 3" OD with a port in and a port out. Typical scat size for good air flow is 2".

Rotax ExhaustHighland 4 into 1 Rotax

The mock up kit instuctions will walk you through every step in detail.
We do not design the exhaust systems for manufacturers but we do supply technical support when ever needed. The manufacturer is responsible for final approval of the exhaust system for air worthiness. Call our sales department at 954-735-4412 for more detailed information or to answer any of your questions.

Glasair Aviation LLC 0-390, 4 into 1
AMD 0-200 Exhaust with mufflers
Murphy Rebel 0-320 or 0-360



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From the most complex exhaust systems to the simplest exhaust repairs, the professionals at Aircraft Exhaust Inc. look forward to working together with you on your next aircraft exhaust project!

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