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Custom aircraft Exhaust systems

- An article authored by Bret Davenport and published by Kitplanes- Bret shares his experience building a custom exhaust system.

           Custom aircraft exhaust solutions from AEI...

PVC mockup kits for aircraft exhaustPVC Mockup Kits-
Kit comes with 1 or 2 collectors
and 4 or 6 stub risers, depending on engine size and (more)


4 into 1 custom exhaust4 into 1-
Aircraft Exhaust Inc. is one of the only companies that builds a custom built PVC mock up of the customers design. (more)
Dual 3 into 1 exhaustDual 3 into 1-
With a collector style system the cabin heat is pulled off a straight primary section which provides high temperatures for good cabin heat. Since the primary is made from stainless steel, the high temps will not hurt the tubing under the muff. (more)

Single Side Stacks-
When we refer to single side stacks we are talking about a stack that collects all exhaust off from one side of the engine and out of the engine through the shortest exit route and does not use a collector. (more)
Aircraft Exhaust Inc. has standard crossover systems that fit many different applications of aircraft with Lycoming 4 cylinder engines. Lycoming engines are the only manufacturer that sees a gain from the savaging effect of a crossover. (more)

4 into 1 custom exhaustCustomer Supplied Samples-
When the aircraft has an exhaust system in place or a borrowed system is obtained; you can send it to our shop and we can duplicate it. We simply find your style engine exhaust pattern. We then build a fixture around the supplied sample and build an all new stainless steel exhaust. (more)
Single MufflerSingle Muffler System-
A single muffler system is when both LH and RH stack’s come into a common muffler. This type of system is best for cabin heat and noise reduction.


aircraft exhaust solutions starWe combine our experience with unparalleled service to find solutions for your exhaust needs.

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