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6 cylinder stack repair
6 Cylinder stack repair

At Aircraft Exhaust Inc. we have over 14 years experience in repairing certified Aircraft exhaust and engine mounts. We now bring that experience to you. We repair all types of exhaust systems. We don’t carry the huge over head of a repair station license and pass the savings on to you.

0-200 Single side stack repair
0-200 Single side stack repair

We repair all types of mufflers, stacks and risers. Repairs are all done with high quality stainless steel. Most muffler repairs require a new outer skin. When that is done we replace most other components such as end plates, flame tube, rings, etc.

Muffler and Riser repair
Muffler and Riser repair


With stack and riser repairs we clean and inspect the entire assembly.
If any pitting, deformation or thin material is found, we replace the area of the problem with new stainless steel material. If the entire stack or riser is found to be unserviceable then we find a mounting flange or another serviceable item on the unit and remake the entire stack or riser from all new stainless steel material except for the part that is reused.Call a member of our sales team to get a quote on your exhaust repairs.


Muffer and stacks for a J3
0-200 muffler repair
Flame cone 321SS
Flame cone 321ss repair
Muffler and stack 0-540 Lycoming
Muffler Stack 0-540Lyc. repair
J-3 style tailpipe
J-3 style tail pipe repair


aircraft exhaust solutions starWe combine our experience with unparalleled service to find solutions for your exhaust needs.

From the most complex exhaust systems to the simplest exhaust repairs, the professionals at Aircraft Exhaust Inc. look forward to working together with you on your next aircraft exhaust project!

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